What is Ministry Match

Professional and Lay Versions

What Is The Ministry Match?

The Ministry Match is a personal evaluation tool designed by Christians for Christians. The purpose of the Ministry Match is to help persons discover and understand how God uniquely created them and then to help them use this information to serve God in the most effective way possible. There are two versions of the Ministry Match. The Professional version was specially created to evaluate pastors, church staff and vocational Christian workers. The Lay version was specially written to help local church members find ministries in their own church that would be most fruitful and fulfilling. The ministry match, Church Matching Program was developed to equip local church staff as well as placement personnel in denominations and seminaries to easily match persons with specific ministries they have defined. The Ministry match is presently used by The Evangelical Free Church of America Placement Office, Trinity International University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and hundreds of pastors and churches across America.

Why Is The Ministry Match Needed?

God created humans with many different gifts, talents, values and other abilities. He created each one uniquely for a specific purpose (Eph. 2:10). Unfortunately, most evaluation tools only look at one or two aspects of a person before “prescribing” a ministry. Additionally, very few evaluations have been developed from a perspective that use the Image of Christ as the standard of comparison. Finally, no evaluation tool with the above characteristics has developed “norms” for church staff. The Ministry Match was developed to evaluate Christians against the standard of Christ, using all of the most important elements in local church ministry, and includes norms for church staff.

What Does The Ministry Match Evaluate?

The Ministry Match evaluates seven major constructs o{the Christian.

  1. Temperament- This construct includes 16 bi-polar elements of temperament. Unlike most temperament tests, the Ministry allows the person to see both sides of each element- Also, only positive (Christlike) aspects are measured.
  2. Motivated Role- This construct describes the piece of a process the person is most motivated to work in. 
  3. Leadership Style- This construct describes how the individual is equipped to best impact those around them. 
  4. Participation style- This construct describes how the individual functions in group decision making. 
  5. Functional Gifts- This construct evaluates the individual’s gifts differentiating different leadership gifts, different teaching gifts, etc. 
  6. Values- This construct evaluates the values and anti-values of the individual. 
  7. Age Preference- This construct identifies the age group the individual best works with.

How Is The Professional Ministry Match Used? Order Now!

The Professional Ministry match is used in the placement process for church staff. It is used by the individual to help them to understand themselves and define the ministry in which they will be most fruitful. It is used by churches looking for a new staff member to see if an individual has the qualifications to match their church. It is used by placement services to match individuals and. churches. It is used by church staff and leaders to evaluate present staff and board members and to "retrofit: a ministry position to better fit them. It is used by church consultants to do all of the above.

How Is The Lay Version Of The Ministry Match Used? Order Now!

It is used by local church leaders to evaluate both lay leaders and all other church attenders in their church in order to help each person find the ministry in which they will be most fulfilled and fruitful.
(For information on training: Ministry Match Training CD-ROM)

How Is The Matching Program Used? Order Now!

The matching program is used by both local churches and denominational placement personnel. At the local church level, the person using the program enters the ministry match data far persons in their church. This is done by simply copying the data from diskette into the matching program. Next, the program user defines the characteristics for each ministry position in their church. Then, with the push of a button, the program user can get a prioritized list either of the persons who best fit a specific ministry or a prioritized list of the best ministry fits for any individual in the database. Denominational placement personnel can define a staff position in a specific church. Then, with the push of a button, they can compare every candidate in their database to this position and get a prioritized list of the best candidates. A Ministry Match report can then be printed for each candidate they want to look at further. Data for this program may be entered from diskette, entered by hand, or edited after it is entered. Program users must be familiar with the Ministry Match or be trained to interpret it.

What Are The Costs Involved? Order Now!

  1. The Professional version of the Ministry Match is $40. 00 each.
  2. The Lay version of the Ministry Match is $25. 00 separately or $10. 00 each in 12-packs.
  3. The Church Matching Program can be obtained for $250 and includes 25 Ministry Match data disks (Lay Version).

For information on training: Ministry Match Training CD-ROM
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