Intentional Discipleship Seminar

Why is intentional discipleship so important?

Bob Gilliam, President of T-Net International

While most churches "believe" in making disciples, very few are effectively making them. Consider the following statistics:

  • The average "evangelical" church in America wins 1.67 persons (less than 2) to Christ and their church each year for every 100 persons who attend that church.
  • One-third of church members state their greatest individual needs are not being met by their church.
  • Less than 50% of church members pray for 5 minutes at least twice a week.
  • Only 11% of church members have shared the gospel even once in the last year and 33% have never shared the gospel with anyone.
  • Most church leaders, when asked, cannot even define "Disciple", and hardly any have been trained to "Make disciples".
George Barna, Growing True Disciples

“Discipleship does not happen simply because a church exists. It occurs when there is an intentional and strategic thrust to facilitate spiritual maturity” (p 29).
“In a comprehensive study we conducted, we compared the beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors of believers and non-believers…. We concluded that it is difficult for non-Christians to understand Christianity since few born again individuals model a biblical faith (p63).
“If we hope to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and in the nation’s culture, then we must increase our intentionality, our intensity and improve our strategies” (p13).
George Barna, Growing True Disciples

Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Community Church

“T-Net understands that the way to grow healthy, balanced churches is through a people-building process rather than church programs. Listen and learn from them.”
Rick Warren, Author of The Purpose Driven Church



Intentional Discipleship Workshops

The Centre for Church Effectiveness and T-Net International are offering a one-day workshop focused on creating effective, healthy, intentional disciplemaking churches.

Join other area pastors and church leader in improving discipleship strategies for the local church in order to fulfill the Great Commission in your community and beyond. Click here for more information, workshop dates, and locations. Or, call 613-277-8413.